An Open Letter to Sasaengs

There have been a lot of incidences involving idols and sasaengs recently. Such incidences include Yugyeom being filmed in the bathroom, Jackson pleading on bended knee for fans to leave him alone, and the rejection of Youngjae at the Manila fan meet. In light of these, I think there are a few things that we all could do with remembering.

Please remember that these idols are human too. Remember that they have feelings just like we do, and that those feelings can still be hurt even though they are famous. These idols are new to stardom and aren’t quite accustomed to having this much attention thrust upon them. Especially with a lot of negative attention, their mental health can easily be put in jeopardy as they’re overwhelmed.

It’s easy to get caught up in your emotions when you see them and forget all about them as a person, but please remember that they aren’t blocks of wood or steel. At the end of the day, idols are just like us. They struggle just like we do, they have the same basic needs as us…they’re just a bit more famous. We need to remember as fans that they have the same rights as us: happiness, privacy, love, etc. and we shouldn’t judge them for their personalities.

Please remember that mistakes can be made and misunderstandings do happen. It’s okay to be disappointed and angry at another fan for behaving inappropriately but sometimes fans get lost in translation. Sometimes we get so caught up in the hype that we forget ourselves and make a mistake. That doesn’t mean we should send that fan death threats and awful messages. Please always be respectful to your fellow fans. It’s okay to be upset but at the same time, we need to have respect towards others.

Please remember that these idols work hard. Not a single one of them were just handed fame and success; they work every day to give you good experiences and the best that they can. As such, they deserve to have a good time at their concerts and fan meets, don’t you think? They’re performing to give their fans a great experience but in turn, we should give them the best experience that we can. Please remember that concerts and fan meets are as much for them as they are for us. If we want them to come back, it’s our duty as fans to make sure that they want to be here.

We all love K-pop; that’s why we’re here. Please remember that. Always remember to protect their smiles and do your best to keep them from harm. Please remember that your actions have consequences. Sometimes you may not realize that what you’re doing may put your bias or another idol in danger. When you’re about to engage in questionable behavior, think about your bias: if they could see you in that moment, would he/she be proud of you? Let’s make these idols proud of us and proud to have us as their fans.

~ Jordan

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