8 Years with Beast/Highlight

B2ST (later to be changed to Beast) has been the reason I really got into kpop. Even though they weren’t the group I was first introduced to, they were the reason I stayed. They have lost a member, left a company, and forfeited their name, but these boys are back and stronger than ever. Honestly, seeing them fulfill their dream of creating their own music company, while watching them start over as a group from the ground up has been such an inspiration to me. 

They may not be Beast any more, but the talent, energy, and emotion from the group is still there. Highlight has made its start in a big way. From day one in their new company, they’ve continuously reached out to their fans to keep them updated and entertained. They have brought us some amazing music and are about to do so again with another amazing comeback. And in my personal opinion, Junhyung is one of the most talented men I know. (And I’m not saying that because he’s my bias. I bias Du Jun. ❤️ But I recognize talent when I see it.)


Each member has something extremely valuable to add to both the company and the group, but each have proven that they can stand on their own as well. Knowing that, I love that their shared desire for reaching the same dream has pushed them so far. And their humility… oh my gosh! These boys were so nervous at Kcon NY this year, coming in as the newly debuted Highlight, unsure of our expectations. I don’t think they expected the amount of support they received. I don’t think they realized how many Lights and Beauties they had in the US. I’m looking forward to their own US tour in the future. (By the way, Highlight is the best Beast cover band to ever exist! 😂💕)

I’ve been so thankful for the source of strength these amazing boys have been, and I look forward to walking alongside them for many more years. Happy anniversary, my amazing talented men. 💕

~ Kimi

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