Natural 12 Crispi Rolls

This week’s tasty treat is from the Seoul Trading Company.

Natural 12 crispi rolls are a healthy, vegetarian/ lacto-vegetarian treat for something to curb those pesky grumbles sounding from your midsection. A friend of mine turned me onto these when visiting her in Philly. These can be found at your local HMart or international food markets.

A crisp, lightly salted bar, with the consistency of cereal or rice cake, these treats are lined with a variety of fillings. I purchased the milk and the taro. The taro is perfect if you are craving something a little sweet without being too rich in flavor. The milk has just enough flavor to compliment the saltiness of the outer crisp.

Crispi Roll

The “12” comes from the 12 grains used to make these unique snacks. Brown rice, mung beans, pearl barley, speckled kidney beans, buckwheat, black soybeans, oatmeal, black glutinous rice, peas, corn, small red beans, and husked lotus are all used in this tasty treat.

They come in packages of ten, and are great to keep in your bag or car for that extra little boost of energy or to just keep you going until the next meal. Have you tried these crispi rolls? What do you think of them? 


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