3 Years with UNIQ

Where are my UNICORNS at??? No, I’m not talking about the magical horses (although I would not reject one if you offered! 😂) I’m talking about the fandom for the Chinese/ Korean pop group, UNIQ.

Three years ago today, these five boys stepped into the kpop/ mandopop scene with their fresh-faced boyfriend look and energetic charm. The group consisted of two Chinese members, Yixuan and Wenhan and three Korean members, Sungjoo, Seungyeon, and Yibo.

Their debut song, Falling In Love, made you do just that. In fact, their unique charms and easygoing sound made them perfect candidates for creating songs for Madagascar’s Penguins OST as well as for the TMNT OST.


While they maintained the youthful, energetic image for a while, the group eventually came back with their song, EOEO, showing that they were capable of bringing in the hip hop style as well. While the group was promoting in both Korea and China, the China ban has made it difficult for them to perform where they have been widely popular.

Currently, Seungyeon has been working on solo stuff under the stage name Luizy, and the other members have been keeping fairly quiet working on their own projects. After silence for over a year, UNICORN are asking and searching for any signs of a comeback.

Let’s hope it’s soon! In the meantime, happy anniversary, and I look forward to many more years together. U&I are UNIQ!!!


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