Samyang’s Sattobap

This week’s tasty snack is Samyang’s Sattobap.

It’s a lightly sweetened puffed soft corn snack. It’s kind of like eating popcorn without the kernels. Although delightful on its own, it’s recommended to eat them either as topping for ice cream or in milk like you would eat cereal. I took the cereal route and have to agree that it’s delicious. I’m sure eating it with ice cream would also be good, because let’s face it, it’s with ice cream. 🤷🏻‍♀️


The flavor is very light, with only a faint hint of sweetness, and the occasional touch of salt. Because the treat is so light, it almost has a powdery texture to it. That kind of disappears when you eat it with milk, so I would definitely recommend trying it the way they suggest on the back of the bag.

The packaging is bright and cheerful with an adorable cartoon corn farmer on it. I’m sure you guessed by now, but this is another item from my monthly subscription to Korea Box. I have not seen these out in the Asian markets around here yet, but I would like to try to find some again.

There are a little over two servings in a bag. And one serving is definitely filling. Who knows, maybe I’ll save the other serving to go with my ice cream. 😉

Have you tried this snack before? Or maybe you’ve tried similar snacks in milk. Please let us know what your thoughts are!


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