November is 🔥

Although the weather outside is crummy. November is the hottest month for Kpop comebacks!!! Here are some comebacks & albums you guys should checkout!

Super Junior💙 “Play” album is finally out! After 2 years of absence these amazingly talented men are back and better than ever with their new album “Play”. 2 of their new hit songs from the album “Black Suit” and “One More Chance” legit are very catchy. “Black Suit” is a very catchy song. It’s very a energetic song. While “One More Chance” is a very soft ballad and such a beautiful song. And if you’re buying the physical album remember that there’s 2 versions of the albums. 😊

But Super Junior is not the only group with a hot🔥 comeback. Block B🐝 just released their 6th new mini album “Montage ” and a MV for their song “Shall We Dance” . The song is super catchy that you can’t help but dance to it!

EXID, Seventeen, Monsta X, and Twice, have released songs and MV’s. You already know that these songs are gonna be playing back to back! But with all these comebacks most of us will end up broke. 😂 but hey this is The Kpop life!

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