Prince of Tennis

One of my all-time favorite anime is Prince of Tennis! It’s 178 episodes of absolute epicness and the opening and ending songs are really catchy!

Not a lot of people know about Prince of Tennis; when I mention it I usually get a lot of blank stares. Most people think it’s just another useless sports anime but there’s so much more to it than that! Having played tennis in high school, I’ve always been rather fascinated by this anime!

The story follows Echizen Ryoma through his journey on the tennis team of Seigaku. He meets powerful players who soon become his friends and rivals in an epic bid for the National Title. The filler episodes, because let’s face it….every anime has them, are really good despite being filler. They may not further the storyline a whole lot but they show the dynamics between the characters and provide backstory for their relationships.

The New Prince of Tennis, also known as Prince of Tennis II, is a continuation from the original series that follows the students of Seigaku, as well as their rival schools, to the U-17 camp. Here they face new trials that even pit them against each other but the character development is amazing!

Prince of Tennis may be a rather long series but it’s worth the watch though I recommend watching it subbed. The dubbed really isn’t all that great (and they haven’t dubbed it all anyway) so best just stick with the sub XD. The characters are dynamic and can always give you a good laugh!

~ Jordan

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