What to watch? Uni+



     Looking for something new to watch?  Did you like Produce 101? Miss a bias that left a group, or a group that didn’t take off like you would have expected?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then you should check out the Uni+. The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project takes idols who have already had their debut, and groups them together to fight for positions in the unit. This show is unique as it features both female and male idols!

First they have to fight for “boots” from the audience. If 90% of the audience votes yes, they get a super boot! If less than 90% of the audience votes, they are given feed back by celebrity judges featuring big names like Rain, HyunA, SanE, and Taemin of Shinee. 6 Judges then give boots as well. 1 boot is enough to push through to the next round.

     When the boots are all given, they are split by gender, and then into groups of 9. The groups are then given a color and fight for the right to be featured in the Music Video for My Turn. At the same time they also must learn the lyrics and choreography for Shine and Last One (Light) as well.

This show is still airing, and new episodes are out weekly. Clips are available through the KBS World youtube page! Who are you cheering for?

UNI+ Boys: Last One (Light)
UNI+ Girls: Shine




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