Hey Guys! How is everyone today? Hope all is well. Today’s Kbeauty product is the J. One Jelly Pack! Face primer is the main function of this product claiming to my firming and pore smoothing. This particular product has taken me awhile to get used to. Honestly I didn’t like it at first. It’s gradually starting to grow on me though. The texture is literally like glue. Clear Elmer’s glue. It doesn’t have the smell of glue which is a plus. It’s negative quality is also it’s positive quality. It’s so sticky that my makeup doesn’t budge all day. My skin stays smooth and poreless. The pump dispenser is very convenient, it just doesn’t pump out a large amount. Having a normal sized face it feels like I have to use a ton of product to be effective. The primer sells on Amazon for $23, and I’d say if you can get over the texture is a great product for the price. It has real potential to become my favorite primer but it’s not there yet. Trying a few primers I can say it beats the Etude House Face Blur and is catching up to my Cleo Kill Cover Primer. If the J.One Jelly Pack takes the lead I’ll be sure to give an update! As always I’ll leave the link for Amazon down below. Hope you guys enjoyed this review. Have a lovely Sunday everyone! – Kat

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