Hey Y’all! Trying out Kbeauty is a blast but the more you try the more you forget about all the past products you’ve used. The product I wanna share today is the Jeju Canola Honey Wrapping Multi Cream by The YEON. Chicago is a place I frequently travel to and I picked this up at a shop in China town. It was around February of this year. This cream has been setting on my vanity since I brought it home. The product is still as great as it was back then and I’m thrilled! My skin gets real funky in the winter with dry red spots in some areas and break outs in others, I asked the woman if there was something to help. She recommended this cream. The honey provides moister but honey is also antibacterial so it would help calm the break outs. She was right on the money. It saved my skin. This “cream” isn’t really what I would think of as a normal cream. It’s more of a silky gel. There is no sticky feeling or left over residue either. It is in a convenient pump and I only need 2 pumps for my whole face. It’s lasted forever! Not even half way through. I’m so sorry Jeju Canola Honey Wrapping Multi Cream (that’s a long title) for not using you for a short time there. The Yeon has a hit on there hands and I’m not sure if anyone knows about this product because I’ve never heard any of the Kbeauty YouTubers talking about it. If your skin needs some love this winter give this cream a try. Unfortunately this particular cream is not on Amazon, it is currently unavailable. Amazon has the other products in this same line though. However I found it on EBay for $28. This cream is definitely worth the price in my book. It balances my skin and makes it look radiant. A+! As always I hope you guys enjoyed this review/recommendation. Hope you guys are having a great holiday season so far. Till next time, TTNF! -Kat

Here is the link for EBay if you’re interested…



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