Hello 2018!

Hey guys! Kennie here and instead of saying goodbye to 2017, I’m going to say hello to 2018! I’ve always hated goodbye’s because they mean things are ending, and while 2017 is ending I will always treasure it’s memories whether they be good or bad. Everything i have experienced has shaped me into the person I am today and I still have much more to experience.

First of all I got to celebrate my first year of being  K-popper.Collage I can’t describe how much K-pop has changed my life. It has introduced me to so many amazing people and has helped me become more confident in myself because I have discovered that there are many more people out there that are just as crazy as I am! Even though I haven’t been to a concert yet, getting to see all the Idol’s and their quirky personalities and having fun performing for others has brought me so much joy and happiness I can’t describe it.

Another thing that has happened is that I started working on the blog! This has brought me so much happiness getting to work with all these lovely people, and getting to write reviews about things I have enjoyed to watch and sharing it with others. I am not that confident in my writing skills and worried my reviews aren’t very good, so seeing people enjoy my reviews makes me very very happy.

2017 hasn’t only had good things happen, but even bad things. I’ve lost people in it. We’ve lost so many good people in 2017 that I have cried many tears. Chester Bennington and Jonghyun are probably the 2 that have affected me the most. I have always loved Linkin Park, it was the group me and my older sister would blast in the vehicle and scream out the lyrics to. They were one of my favorite groups and finding out that their lead singer had died completely destroyed me. Same with Jonghyun. We have lost an Angel. I still cry about it. He was a truly amazing person, and I wish I had told him that more often.

blog3My New Year’s resolution is I am going to better myself. I am going to be more vocal to people who I care about, Telling both friend’s and Idol’s how much I care about them, reminding them all to please take care of themselves, remember to drink water, be careful not to catch a cold. I hope to make many people’s lives better in this coming year. I want to make the people around me happy and make them smile. I hope to make even the people I don’t get to meet smile with even just a small comment. And once again instead of saying goodbye to 2017, I will say thank you for everything you have given me and I am going to move on to the next year now but I will always look back and cherish the memories.


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