Let’s Protect His Smile

Hey guys, Kennie here. Today I wanna talk about a serious event that has recently happened. I wanna talk about the incident that has happened to EXO’s Baekhyun, that has me both outraged and worried about Baekhyun and the fan involved. I also want to give a big thank you to @exo_exolsmtown on Instagram for allowing me to use her translations!

What has sparked this incident began at a fan-sign event for EXO’s new winter album, Universe, that occurred on Dec 30th. Baekhyun had been talking to one of his fans and she had brought up that she had been struggling with depression. Baekhyun had immediately become worried and had a small conversation with her about her depression. At the end of the fan-sign, he talked to everyone else there that might have been struggling with depression and gave them all his own advice on trying something to help them feel happy. He only wanted to try and give his full support and let them all know that they are not alone. At some point in time, he said something along the lines of he himself not understanding depression personally, having never experienced it.

Fan’s explanation-“I haven’t been using twitter for very long, I panicked when the incident first started to spread. Rather than relying to comments one by one, I decided to rearrange everything and post it all at once! Lots of people had been asking about the recording document, unfortunately when I checked the recording immediately after the fan-sign, it turned out the audio was not very clear. The only parts that were clear are the times the members are talking into a mic. But when the fan-sign ended, Baekhyun mentioned the issue of depression again, and I am sure many people heard as well! However, even I wrote in my fan-sign review regarding how Baekhyun does not know what it is like to suffer from depression, I am very sure that he did not speak about it in a reckless attitude. His expression was very saddening at the time and he told me that he hopes I can always be happy, recover from depression, and stay strong. His words inspire me and gave me motivation. I also gained comfort from our chat. I posted my fan-sign review to support those who are suffering from depression like me, but misconception appeared out of nowhere, this is really saddening… Lots of people are still misinterpreting Baekhyun’s words, this all seem to happen because I didn’t write my fan-sign review in a more detailed way, I felt really upset. Words written in my way, I felt really  upset. Words written in my fan-sign preview cannot represent the whole situation. For those who are hurt, please do finish reading the whole paragraph and don’t further misunderstand Baekhyun. please do not be hurt. Actually Baekhyun was laying comfortably in his chair at first when i was chatting with him. The moment I told him I have serious depression, he jumped from his chair and said that sentence. Baekhyun said that with an extremely surprised and sorrowful expression. When I was chatting with him, I felt like what he was trying to present is more like ‘why are my fans suffering? They should always be happy’ rather than not understanding the situation. He viewed us as those who have a close relationship with him,since that is also what you would say to your close and beloved ones. Actually, when I heard that sentence at first, i burst out laughing. He then asked me softly about why did I get depression, my current living status, my hobbies, am I taking any medication, and so on. He said that if I felt like the medication doesn’t help a lot then it may be a better option to stop taking them instead. All words that he said are beneficial to me. There are also other conversations that are more private, I am not going to include them here. It a was really joyful and delighting experience. I am very sure that if Baekhyun mentioned any reckless comment’s about my depression, I myself will be the person to suffer the most pain, and I will not be able to post my fansign review happily after I returned home that day. I was touched my Baekhyun’s sincere expressions and actions, it was even better than a simple ‘fighting’… Baekhyun who is always filled with happiness gave me strength using his own method and he told me later on as well not to take pills anymore. Actually you can hear this from the other’s recordings. He mentioned this topic again near the end of the fan-sign. He told me and others who are suffering from depression, not to strain ourselves, and not to bear this alone. He told us to stay closer to joyful people, which made me feel touched again. Please do not judge the whole event with an incomplete recording. Since I told him that I was really depressed last time when I attended another fan-sign and didn’t get to talk much to him, I felt he really took great care of me this time, maybe because he didn’t want me to cry, he let me finish what I want to tell him and didn’t rush me as well. Since these are my personal opinions, I didn’t really want to comment/post anymore, however there are many unfriendly comments towards him, that is why I am here again. People who are injured on the last day of 2017 and the first day of the new year due to my mistake, I am deeply sorry. Here is my sincere apology. Also, malicious comments about Baekhyun along with words he said to me are now forbidden to be re-uploaded. Please, stop harassing my memory filled with happiness and the person I adore. I already said not to re-upload my fan-sign review on other websites and I also clarified the truth. I didn’t realize that the nasty rumors as well as false news are still spreading. The recording documents being spread are not our exact conversation, it is also cropped to 2 seconds. Baekhyun was very concerned about my conditions that day and comforted me. He hopes that I can recover soon and stay healthy. I was comforted by him and I felt really happy as well. To everyone who are not directly involved in this incident, please do not try to start arguments just because of a 2 second recording. Please do not place an artist in an insecure position because of me. Please stop distorting my joyful memory. Passage to clarify the incident are free to upload to any websites, but besides that, any news reports/posts containing vicious rumor about my fan-sign review are forbidden to be reposted anywhere. I will be taking legal actions if that ever happens. Spreading false information as well as vicious rumors will only cause more pain. Please acknowledge this fact.

After this event, the fan wanted to share her conversation with Baekhyun to try and help others struggling with depression like he had for her. She posted about it and even included some voice clips. Someone translated it wrong and his phrase of not understanding depression became, “I don’t understand why people get depressed.” This translation caused many people to become angry and demand Baekhyun to apologize for his statement that was misconstrued. The fan tried to help and clear up the situation, the translation above, but it all ended with Baekhyun posting an apology, translation below, on his Instagram a day ago. In this apology, he stated that even while typing the apology he was afraid he would say something wrong again.

Baekhyun’s apology- “Hello I am Baekhyun. I would like to apologize for my comments during the fan-sign event on Dec 30. I was actually very afraid and sensitive about the topic of depression lately. I was worried and panicked when I talked to her during the time. I talked a lot with that fan. I was supposed to make her feel happy at an event that is supposed to be filled with joy, but I suddenly realized that we were discussing a very serious topic. With the thought that we might not be able to meet each other again, I wanted to comfort her as best as I can. I was in a hurry at the time and I really wanted to say something more, I felt my words might help her and give her more motivation since she said she liked me. After talking to that fan, this idea stayed in my mind until the end of the whole fan-sign ended… That is why I talked in a quick pace. I want to let them know how even they are going through depression or are having a tough time, EXO and other good people will always be there for them. I wasn’t able to put my mind together at the time to deliver this message properly and I talked to fast. I deeply regret saying those things as well as choosing those phrases at the moment. All I want to do is comfort them and give them strength. I am actually worried about my mistakes in this post as well, but I really wanted to apologize for what I did. I am very sorry for those who are hurt by my words including my fans. In the future, I will be Baekhyun who speaks and acts more carefully.

I don’t know about all of you but I am outraged at this situation. Baekhyun had done nothing but try and comfort his fan and others, and without even trying to double check the translation they immediately went and attacked him. I’m angry that people have hurt him without trying to understand the situation. I am upset thinking about the pain he must feel when his words were taken and the kind and caring intention behind them were twisted and have now hurt people instead of helping them. I am worried for the fan with depression that is caught in this and doesn’t know how to fix the situation that began with her post.

Baekhyun is a caring person who wants his Aeri’s to always be happy and always smiling. That’s the side of people he loves to see the most. I myself know how it feels to be afraid that the things you say may hurt people and I still am. This keeps me from talking in conversations sometimes or keeps me from trying to help someone in a situation because I’m afraid I might make it worse. His conversation had made someone very happy, and possibly many others, but ended in angering many because of a mistranslation. I don’t want him to be afraid to speak his mind and fear hurting people with his words when he did nothing wrong in the first place.

I don’t want people to go on a warpath and hunt down who caused this or get into arguments with people that are spreading these rumors. Instead, I urge you to please, if you see someone with malicious comments, let them know the real situation, and if they don’t want to listen that’s fine. Don’t start an argument, it’s not worth it, so don’t waste the energy. Instead go and show Baekhyun and the fan all the love and support you can. Let them know they have done nothing wrong. Tell them we appreciate the help, and are standing beside them all the way. In fact, I dare you for every horrible, malicious comment you see, send a message of love and support out there to both of them. While we can’t take back the false comments spread, let’s make the most of this incident and show Baekhyun that there are many more that truly understood and appreciated his message, then those that want to twist it and misunderstand him. Let’s show all of those out there trying to spread hate that we are stronger than that, and we will protect our Idol’s and fellow fans. Even if you aren’t an EXO-L please, let us all support those who need it, and make K-pop a loving community that I hope we can someday achieve, even if we aren’t in the same fandom. Let us show the good we can do, when we all work together.

My last message I want to get out there is to remember to be careful with your words. This started because someone mistranslated what Baekhyun said, and many of us will always remember this event. What has been said cannot be forgotten, and may never be forgiven. Many people were hurt by this and others even believe it truly happened. Please make sure that you truly understand, what you are writing as you don’t want to hurt anyone or cause a misunderstanding.




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