Alan Z and Jason Chu Invite You to Their ‘Dojo’

Alan Z released a hot new collaboration with Jason Chu on January 3rd called ‘Dojo’ and it’s absolutely amazing! Featuring a smooth hook and steady back beats, ‘Dojo’ utilizes Asian elements as well as boom-bap (combination of both bass and snare) to bring back a more traditional style of hip-hop.

Lyrically, the song strikes a chord and fires back at all the haters and wannabe hotshots who believe they are the greatest gift to the industry.  Alan and Jason want to show them what a real rapper/artist sounds like and invites challengers to their dojo to either put up or shut up.  They prove that even though people try and put them into a box and push them to act how others deem as proper, they’re going to do their own thing and be happy.

I love this song!  The video is simplistic but that allows you to focus on the lyrics and really hone in on the message behind the song.  “It’s about merging hip-hop with traditional Asian culture organically,” Alan Z explains,  “the simplicity of the video  and beat adds to the idea of a ‘dojo’, where you train and sharpen your skills both in martial arts and rapping.”

Check out Alan and Jason in ‘Dojo’ in the link below! Congratulations to them both for another beautiful song!

~ Jordan


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