Why We Shouldn’t Sexualize Idols

Over the last couple days, my social media has exploded with comments on Sehun not stripping during his solo stage. I was honestly really confused when I saw it, then I read a translation of his post. 

In Sehun’s post, he describes that he felt fans’ disappointment during his stage but hoped that he was wrong. After the show, he realized that his fans were genuinely disappointed that he hadn’t shown his body and said he’d keep that in his mind in the future now that he knows what’s in his fans’ hearts.

It breaks my heart to see him believing that his only worth is in his body. Sehun is so much more than just his abs; he has an amazing voice, he’s an absolute sweetheart, and he genuinely cares for others.  To see him being ashamed over this is ridiculous and I can quite honestly say I’m disappointed in EXO-L’s. 

I understand appreciating someone for being sexy, Lord knows I’ve done my fair share of appreciating, but at the same time we shouldn’t make these idols feel like we love them only for their looks. They have so much more going for them and when fans get upset over not seeing them strip, it makes them think they’ve failed as idols for not making us happy.

They’re humans too. They’re intelligent, silly, kind, sarcastic, down-to-earth, beautiful people. They should not be made to feel ashamed of themselves or their stages for not showing off their body. They should not feel like they’ve upset their fans because we were too focused on seeing skin than actually watching their performance.

Loving their looks is perfectly fine. But don’t fall into the trap of setting them on a pedestal and thinking they owe you because you’re their fan. They don’t owe you anything. They perform because it’s something they love to do, and one day….our actions are going to convince them to stop doing what they love. Do we really want to be responsible for that?

~ Jordan

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