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Some people may be familiar with Royal Pirates and may know what happened to their former bassist, James Lee a couple years ago. For those of you that don’t, the short story is this: He nearly had his hand severed from his body, but miraculously, despite doctors saying it would be necessary, they were able to avoid amputation. However, he will never be able to hold a guitar again.

James has undergone five surgeries so far to save his hand, and is now battling necrosis, PTSD, and depression and has to undergo tons of painful physical therapy. Future surgeries are inevitable. For those of you that have followed along, you know these last couple years have been a struggle, and been very humbling. He’s had so many changes happen in his life, and it’s been a long process, but i think this music ep is a great way to help him heal.

He’s a very talented artist, and his talents were not limited to the bass, although his love for the instrument is evident in every song he ever played. If you follow his soundcloud, though, you know his heart is in music, no matter the outlet. This project he’s undertaking is going to be big, but it’s giving him a purpose and something meaningful to focus on again.

Even if you can’t give monetarily, please share his story and the link below. And go show him your love and support on his social media. He has so many amazing fans that continue to encourage him, but you could never have too much support.

We wish James all the best in this next step toward healing.


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James kickstarter

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