Hey guys it’s Annabelle. I know it’s been awhile since i posted, but hey life has been a bit hectic lately lol. But i am here to talk about one thing with you all, and that is comfort. You see many of us tend to have comfort in many different ways. For me i find comfort in certain songs or my favorite kdrama (She was pretty). But others find comfort with certain foods, books, anime or etc.

I wanted to talk about comfort because well, not many people talk about the subject. It’s either because it will turn into something weird, or no one knows how to bring it up. These past few days have been a bit crazy due to me having meetings back to back and having many projects to do. And when i feel stressed out i tend to have a certain playlist on repeat for various days or i would stay in my bed and make a cocoon with my blankets and watch dramas. (please don’t judge me) so what are some of the things that comfort you on crummy days? Comment below. And hope you all have a great day! xoxo Annabelle

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