iKON Goes Nightcore

I’m back with another of my favorite songs!  This time, I have ‘Love Scenario’ by iKON!

This song rather quickly became one of my favorites when it was released.  I love the melody to it and the chorus is catchy without being annoying.  Their voices are perfectly suited for something like this.

The pace of this Nightcore is just right.  Sometimes they can get a tad too sped up but I like the tempo for this.  Kpop Nightcore didn’t play with the pitch overly much either and that makes me really happy! Nightcore can very easily float up there in chipmunk range if you’re not careful but this one is done very well!

Take a listen and check out Kpop Nightcore on YouTube for more amazing remixes! See you guys soon with more of my favorite songs!

~ Jordan

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