Alan Z and KIEN Are Ready to Break the Mould

KIEN went live on Instagram tonight with Alan Z to work on a brand new song!

I’ve never really seen an artist work on their music before so it was really interesting to me to see the process. Having no talent for it myself, I was really impressed by KIEN’s flair for it. Especially after he said he’s making his own beats for his upcoming album!

I’m so excited to see what’s coming next from these two. I fell in love with the combination of their voices in ‘Make Her Say’ and was really hoping they’d partner for more in the future. I have so much anticipation for how this new song and music video are going to turn out!

Listening to the beat come together and re-shape, it really got me thinking about what I could see pairing with it lyrically. Alan and KIEN are aiming for a braggadocio style with harder rhythms that will shatter the idea of a softer, more understated rap.

They’re both ready to break the mould and do something dangerous and I’m absolutely ready to go on the journey with them! It’s gonna be 🔥🔥🔥🔥. Stay tuned for more updates on this awesome collaboration and be ready for your soul to be snatched!

Make sure to follow Alan Z and KIEN on Instagram and Facebook to keep updated on their music!

~ Jordan

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