Taeyang has entered the military!

The next BIGBANG member has entered the military service. Taeyang arrived at the 6th Infantry Division training center on March 12th.  Here he will begin his five-week basicTaeyang-XPN training in Cheorwon, Gangwon Province then be assigned to an army unit.

Taeyang being the sunshine that he, gave fans a bow as he told them “I will return.” Being the third BIGBANG member to enter the military we are already counting Taeyang-6-XPNdown for their return. As Daesung is soon to follow. Taeyang and fellow BIGBANG members left a lovely surprise for fans as they are releasing a song called Flower Road that is being released March 13th. So if you are like us here a Weibuzz you will be having that song on repeat for a while.

We wish nothing but the best for our sun, Taeyang, and hope he stays healthy and safe turning his time in the military.Taeyang-1-XPN

~XO, Niki

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