Another One Bites the Dust: Daesung’s Enlistment

The fourth member of Big Bang has enlisted in the military!

My heart hurts to see another idol I care a lot about enlisting but this means that Big Bang will come back together stronger than ever. It’s going to be a long enlistment period and I’ll miss Daesung a lot, but I can’t wait to see them all back together!

IMG_20180313_090742.jpgIt took me a rather long time to figure out my feelings toward Daesung. My eye was always drawn to him for one reason or another but I thought it was just because he’s always smiling widely and laughing. I adore his Japanese music as D-Lite and that kinda clued me in that Daesung meant a bit more to me than I thought.

Even though he can be a bit scary with his expressions sometimes, he’s completely adorable and someone who’s smile I want to protect. And now I’m saying another temporary goodbye (you all know how much I despise goodbyes). I’ll listen to Big Bang’s new song and try not to cry thinking of almost all of them enlisted.

Daesung, please stay safe during your enlistment and never lose your smile! I wish you a healthy enlistment and I hope it goes by quickly! Please be happy and stay strong during your time. See you soon Sunshine, we’ll wait for you always!

~ Jordan

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