Flower Road 꽃 길

Flower Road 꽃 길Big-Bang

“This is not the end of us…” BIG BANG’s new single Flower Road was released on March 13th as a final goodbye to their fans. The song has dominated the music charts giving it an All-Kill status. With all the members going into the military this year they wanted to give their fans a gift for all the love and support over the years.

Flower Road refers to a Korean term expressing new journeys as Daesung and Taeyang sing “If you want to leave, I understand. I’ll scatter flowers on the road you’ll walk on. But if you ever miss me, please come back.” Meaning they understand if their fans move on while they are gone.

The song itself has a smooth melody putting the vocals front and center as you listen to the meaning behind the song. This song is a perfect tribute to BIG BANG’s love for their fans around the world. The lyrics were written by G-Dragon and TOP during their Made album. As they state in their song “I’ll see you again when the flower bloom.”

~XO, Niki

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