KIEN and JA Stun in ‘Far Away’

KIEN teamed up with JA (former member of Nu’est M) to create a truly stunning new song!

First off….holy VISUALS!! ❤️❤️ The scenery is gorgeous; between the snow-covered wooded terrain and the rustic log cabin, it really gives me feelings of fondness, like I’m coming home after a long time away. This feeling of nostalgia is only heightened by the greyed out color scale throughout the entire video. The simplistic nature of the video itself really lets you focus on the lyrics and the message behind them.

Not to mention KIEN and JA themselves really bring this video to life. There’s so much intensity and grit simmering in this song and the emotions really allow you to connect with both artists. KIEN just has this quiet strength that positively burns into you and JA is bursting with fire and passion. These two together create sparks that reach into your soul and touch you on such a deep level.



To me, this song is an anthem to really living life and carving out your own future. It’s a message to not let yourself be defined by your painful experiences; instead, let them bolster you to a newer and brighter future. No matter how hard things get, you decide which path your life will take. Don’t build your decisions on validation from others, build your successes through realizing your dreams and making a life that you’re proud to call your own. And when you achieve the height of your dreams, everyone will need to “look at the stars” because you’re already so “far away.”

Congratulations to both KIEN and JA for a breath-taking new song! I literally cannot express how much I’m in love with this….I’ve had it in on repeat since it came out! Keep grinding, both of you, and I genuinely look forward to finding out what else you have in store for fans!

Watch the video below (if you haven’t already) and be prepared for your life to change!

~ Jordan

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