Zui Quan

Hey there guys! Kennie here, and today we will be starting a new segment for Chinese Martial Arts. This segment will be posted once a month on the 15th! I will be starting this segment off today with the “Drunken Fists” style, or its official name Zui Quan.

Have any of you guys seen Jackie Chan’s Drunken Master movies? Or are you a fan of Mortal Kombat and are familiar with the character Bo’ Rai Cho? Then you are probably familiar with this fighting style. Zui Quan is a martial arts technique, that is performed with drunken movements. This type of martial arts style is used to throw off the attacker, and while the movements look like they are unbalanced, the person using the technique is in complete balance. The main technique used is called “Sloshing”, where the movements use the weight and momentum produced by the entire body. It is one of the harder martial arts to learn due to the need to learn new basic movements and techniques.

There are many Kung Fu schools that use the Zui Quan styles, but the main two are Buddhist and Daoist. The Buddhist style dates back to the Song Dynasty in 960-1279 AD when Liu Qizan, a famous martial artist, accidentally killed someone and sought to repent and avoid trial in the Shaolin Temple. He refused to adopt the monks vows to stop drinking wine and continued to drink which lead the monks to try and kick him out from the temple. One night, after getting completely drunk, he beat the monks. The Abbot praised him for his skill and after that they adopted the Drunken style and it is still used today, although they have also combined many other styles with it.

The Daoist Zui Quan style immitates the “Eight Immortals”, with its eight forms representing the immortals.

  • Lü Dongbin, the leader, sways back and forth to trick the enemy.
  • Li Tieguai, walks with an iron cane, and uses the weakness of having one leg, to strike with a strong one.
  • Han Zhongli, carries a cauldron of wine, and takes down his enemies with his powerful strength.
  • Lan Caihe, carries a bamboo basket and fights with a swaying waist and keeps mostly feminine postures.
  • Zhang Gaolao, rides on the back of a white mule, and attacks with his donkeys swift double kicks.
  • Cao Guojiu, is a clever controlled fighter, and attacks the soft parts of the body, and uses joint locks.
  • Han Xiangzi, uses powerful wrists to counter an enemies attacks
  • He Xiangu, twists her body to evade enemies attacks

There are many diffrent variations of these fighting styles and with the different Daoist lineages, the techniques and styles may vary. Weapons may also be used, the sword is the most common but other weapons can be used.

Zui Quan has been used in many different types of entertainment today, such as movies and books along with others, you may see the characters using this style be portrayed as drunk. In real life, this fighting style would not be used if you were drunk and if it were attempted it would be dangerous and nearly impossible to do.

Did you enjoy this article? Please comment down below your thoughts and opinions! We will be back again next month with another Martial Arts so stay tuned!!


Source: Zui Quan

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