My K-POP Story

Hi everyone! I’m new to Weibuzz. You can call me Sid!

Over the years K-POP has become huge as its popularity as increased worldwide. Everyone has their own story of how they first found out about K-POP. A lot of the people I know locally, say they found out about it through PSY‘s iconic Gangnam Style‘ which is a favourite of mine! Though, I saw K-POP before the PSY-Gangnam hype.

I first stumbled across K-POP in late 2008 – yes, a very long time ago, heh – all thanks to good ol’ YouTube! I remember whilst being at college, in my class on a free period, and I was searching for Anime soundtracks on YouTube. Along the thumbnails at the side, I saw a video titled, ‘HARU HARU(하루하루)‘, by BIGBANG. I was simply curious, wondering what it was. I initially assumed it was J-POP – because at that time I was listening to Japanese music, including Anime soundtracks. So, I clicked it and was introduced to the wonderful world of K-POP!

Whilst watching video, I was somewhat confused to whether or not this was Japanese, because the subtitles/lyrics were in Japanese, however I knew it didn’t sound Japanese. So, I was wondering what language it was. And it wasn’t until I saw some comments, that I realised this is Korean. Once it finished, I knew I wanted to hear more! I literally typed in the group’s name into Google search and learned about them. I literally spent the whole day listening to BIGBANG’s songs and watching their videos!

As well as, ‘Haru Haru’, I love many of their other songs/music videos. Here are some of my favourites from their older music:

GARAGARA GO!!(ガラガラ GO!!)




And from there, I ventured more and more into all sorts of K-POP, all the different bands/groups and artists. I found myself completely in love with the music and the creativity of the various music videos! So, thanks to Anime, J-POP, YouTube and BIGBANG!

What about you? How did you first find out about K-POP? Who was your first band/artist? Share your story too, let us know in the comments below!

~ Sid

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