Some Mouthwatering Food!

I love learning about different cultures, and that includes tasting the food! I in particularly love Asian food.

Here are some of my favourites:

Can’t go wrong with Ramen! Whether it’s a pack of instant ramen or at a restaurant, I just love Ramen! It’s so diverse that you can use all sorts of meats and vegetables. I usually go for the Shio or Shoyu ramen, and opt for chicken, beef or vegetarian toppings. When buying instant ramen, I personally enjoy the brand Shin Ramyun – and I highly recommend it if you like ramen!


There’s apparently a few different types of Ramen you can have!

1: Shio (塩ラーメン) – 400 calories per bowl (including the various toppings), has a more saltier broth in comparisons to the others as it is a salt based, and it is considered the oldest form of ramen seasoning.


2: Tonkotsu (豚骨ラーメン) – 600 calories (including the various toppings), this broth is pork bone based, the broth is thicker than the others, an almost creamy-like texture.


3: Shoyu (醤油ラーメン)– 475 calories per bowl including the various toppings), this broth is soy sauce based, letting the meat and/or veg give it a wonderful tangy taste, and it is apparently the most common type of ramen broth.


4: Miso (味噌ラーメン) – 550 calories (including the various toppings), this ramen broth uses a fermented soy paste which makes it quite savoury in flavour, and Miso ramen is one of the youngest types in comparison to the others.


Dumplings are always so good and taste great! Like ramen, there a variety of dumplings, but these are my favourite:

1: Steamed Jiao Zi ()

Steamed Jiao Zi

2: Boiled Jiao Zi ()

Boiled Jiao Zi

Both of these dumplings are made in the same way, however, one is steamed and the other is boiled. They are made with dough, and any ground meat and/or vegetables. I enjoy eating beef and chicken, so I opt for those fillings, with vegetables.

Bulgogi Beef
Now this is my all time favourite! Whenever I go out to a Korean restaurant, Bulgogi Beef  (불고기) is a must! It is made with the tender parts off beef and is marinated with soy sauce and sugar. To bring out the taste, it is seasoned with some salt too.


At restaurants, I’ve had the experience to prepare my own bulgogi beef on the grill, along with some vegetables! It can be served with a leafy vegetable, such as lettuce – one of my personal favourite way to eat the bulgogi. I also enjoy eaten it with some rice.
Those are some of my favourite Asian dishes! What about you?

~ Sid

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