Shots Fired! Alan Z Strikes with ‘Do What I Do’

Alan Z has released a new track called ‘Do What I Do’ for his appearance on Certified Culture!

You all know how big a fan I am of Alan’s work so I was really excited to get the notification when this dropped last week! I couldn’t be more proud of Alan’s success and I sincerely wish him the best in the future ❤

The video itself is his live performance on Certified Culture; he was also interviewed by them and you can catch that video here.  The lyrics are where Alan really shines; in this song, he takes shots at the wannabes in their ivory towers and really showcases his pride for his talent.  Alan also throws shade on the people who think they can try and copy his style and drag him down to become successful.

Alan has such a unique way of blending quick-fire rap, soulful imagery, and catchy lyrics to really draw in his audience.  Every song is a different experience and really gives you a deeper sense of who Alan is.  ‘Do What I Do’ is such a great song filled with passion and satisfaction and the lilting quality of the chorus is really pleasant to listen to.  I sense another song going on repeat!

Take a listen below and let us know what you think!

~ Jordan

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