Lookout 파수꾼


When the law lets criminals off free, it’s up to a team of vigilantes to put the criminals behind bars. Each with their own dark past they work together to put the ones who have wronged them were they deserve to be. lookout-episodes-17-18

Lookout focus on Jo Soo Ji (Lee Si Young) a former police investigator whose daughter gets murder with the culprit getting off free she decided to join a group of vigilantes who have their own scores to settle. The group consist of prosecutor Jang Do Han (Kim Young 39687d86-5cbf-4a6b-9729-190a0c953b2cKwang), a genius hacker Kong Kyung Soo (Key from SHINee), Kim Eun Joong (Kim Taw Hoon) a lawyer with a heart of gold and the shy but talented Seo Bo Min (Kim  Seul Gi).

This drama is an action thriller crime mystery that Lee-Si-Young4you don’t want to miss. The characters are amazing and the story line keeps you on the edge of your toes with each plot twist. Be sure to check out Lookout starring Lee Si Young, Kim Young Kwang, SHINEE’s Key and Kim Seul Gi.

Check out the trailer below.
~XO, Niki

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