Ghost Hunt (Manga)

Hey guys!! It’s time for another manga review! Do you guys like the show Ghost Hunters? Or how about the movies about exorcists? If you answered yes to both of these I have the perfect manga for you!! It combines both the paranormal hunting and different types and styles of exorcisms to create an suspenseful and entertaining story for us paranormal fans out there!

Ghost Hunt follows a 16 year old girl names Taniyama Mai. One day after school her and three of her friends were telling ghost stories when they meet a seventeen year old boy named Shibuya Kazuya. The next day she ends up getting herself roped into helping Kazuya hunt ghosts. This is one of my all time favorite manga’s to read when i am on a suspense/horror kick. It has such an interesting take on ghosts and the various ways to summon and expel them. It also talks about the different practices that can be used to purify and cleanse the ghost, from various religions.

The characters in it all have their own interesting personalities. I will admit, Mai can get a little annoying at times, but there is a reason for her character being the way it is and she fits the story line so well. Kazuya has a very stoic and narcissistic personality, that has caused him to be given the nickname Naru the Narcissist by Mai. Bou-san is a Monk who has the “Awesome Uncle” vibe to him and he is such a goofy personality about him its hard not to be amused when he is on the page. Ayako is a Shrine maiden who you don’t get to see much of her talent, but when you do finally see it, it is very beautiful. John is a nineteen year old exorcist from Australia, and he is probably the sweetest character you will see in the whole manga, and possibly the whole world! He really is quite adorable. Masako is a 16 year old medium who is a bit stuck up but she has a very cute and vulnerable side to her. And finally there is Lin. He is always seen with Naru and is very quiet. You don’t learn much about him for a while and he can seem a little grumpy at times. His personality is a bit similar to Naru’s but he is a bit nicer. All of them seem like a strange team in the beginning but they all work really well together as the manga continues.

Have you guys read this manga? If you have please leave a comment below letting me know what you thought of it! Tune in later for more content!



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