My Insta Idol

Every kpop fan has their favorites. Their favorite groups, their favorite members, their favorite memories. And with the social media platforms we have access to today, we get to see our favorites like no other fans before us.

Instagram is one great way for us to share our love for our groups and biases and lets us follow both official and fan accounts. But what if your idol has Insta? It’s possible they may. I want to share with you some great idols with their own accounts. Maybe you’ll find a favorite that you didn’t know had an account or perhaps you’ll find someone new. Learning about people is half the fun!

Today, I’m introducing a popular face. Mingyu of Seventeen created an account in February and he has wasted no time filling his feed with anything and everything he finds interesting, mixed with beautiful selcas during his everyday life.

If you are interested in following him, his account name is Min9yu_k and he’s already managed to get his account to become “official” with the little blue badge. Join him on his trips for food, his cuddle sessions with his dog, or find out the things that he’s passionate about. Did you know that several other Seventeen members have been joining as well? You can see the boys talking back and forth within the comments of their posts! Like this last post by Mingyu… The8 commented on his post that the picture was taken by him. He wanted to make sure he got credit for his work. Understandable when you’re in a competitive industry with twelve other guys.

Do you like Seventeen? Which is your favorite member? I’m personally looking forward to the day when all of them have an account. (Secretly waiting for Hoshi especially!)

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