Memory Lost – 美人为馅

Meet two detectives with different backgrounds Han Chen (Bai Yu) an 027ca20c-bff1-48fe-8540-71a7eb0b20e6incredibly intelligent detective who is cold and distant and Bai Jingxi (Yang Rong) a detective who specializes in criminal psychology who is full of life and personality. Even those these two are complete opposite they do share something in common they both have no memory of the last five years of their life.

QpsVSdlIf losing their memory wasn’t bad enough there is a group of psychotic terrorist that kill for fun causing terror through the city. These cruel individuals just might have something to do with Han Chen and Bai Jingxi’s memory loss, but its up to the two DramaKimchi9-1officers to figure out the connection. With all the terror the government creates a new department of elite officers called Black Shield not only do our two characters make it but they may be slowly falling in love. But are they really meant to be? What dose these group of killers really have in store for them?

Memory Lost is a Chinese thriller crime mystery that keeps your heading turning as you yourself try to figure out who is really behind the group of killers. The cast does an amazing job and I highly recommend this series.

~XO, Niki

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