Hey guys! Kennie here, and today I am going to talk about xxxHolic! If you guys like the Anime’s about the paranormal and fortune telling this anime is for you!

xxxHolic follows a high school student named Kimihiro Watanuki. Watanuki can see ghost and one day, unintentionally stumbles across a wish granting shop. The owner of the shop, Yuko, tells Watanuki that she can help him stop seeing ghosts, but he must work for her in her shop.

I love this anime. Watanuki is quite an eccentric character and he is absolutely adorable. He has a tendency to overreact in quite a few situations, and is a very comical character. Yuko is more of a carefree, things will happen the way they are meant to happen type of character. Even with her all knowing and very wise personality, she teaches Watanuki a lot about the way the universe works and about equivalent exchange.

I think this anime is very well done and I enjoyed watching it. A lot of scenarios in this anime make you think about real life choices. Like how every action good or bad has an equal reaction. This anime also reflects on people’s decisions in life.

Have any of you seen xxxHolic? If you have please let me know in the comments down below!


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