Nature’s Ninja!

The raccoon, a grayish-brown American mammal that has a foxlike face with a black SAM_0424-1024x768mask and a ringed tail, is quite flexible and entertaining to watch.  That is the idea behind the Raccoon Café in Seoul!  Located in Hyewha, conveniently close to Ihwa Mural Village, the café is very small, so you may have to wait to hang out with these little critters.

This café offers customers the opportunity to watch these ninja-like creatures during their entertaining antics as long as some important rules are obeyed.

raccoon-rules.jpgThe raccoons won’t exactly come up and cuddle with you; you will most likely have to get your petting in while they pass by wandering from one room to another. They also have homemade jungle gyms and planks hanging from the ceiling where they can walk and roam about. The raccoons are very active and love running around the jungle gyms in the ceiling.  When they are not playing, they can be found sleeping in different nooks and 258crannies scattered around the café. Some people are fearful of the raccoons, while others find them fascinating.

One raccoon named Cong, loves to ride on people’s backs or shoulders. When he does, sometimes people freak out, thinking they are being attacked.  He is just catching a ride!   Children are not allowed in the raccoon room. These raccoons are quite playful, but their auditory sense is 60 times stronger than that of human beings. So, when they encounter loud noises or screams, it can startle them.”

img_4849The raccoon cafe would definitely be a unique experience if you love hanging out with animals and drinking coffee!


Hyewha Station exit 4, walk towards the CGV and it’s in the same building as Etude House.


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