Before I found K-POP, I used to listen to J-POP and J-ROCK. The Japanese rock band named, ONE OK ROCK, was the first Japanese rock band that I came across, and was the first Japanese music I listened to other than J-POP and Anime soundtracks.

ONE OK ROCK was formed in 2006, however they officially debuted in 2007. The band members are: Takahiro Moriuchi (Lead Vocals), Toru Yamashita (Guitar, Vocals), Ryota Kohama (Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals), and Tomoya Kanki (Drums). ONE OK ROCK has an array of music genres, from Alternate Rock to Pop Punk.

ONE OK ROCK: Naihi Shinsho高画質 高音 (Debut)


Here is their playlist from their officialy YouTube channel

I have a few favourites:

ONE OK ROCK: 完全感覚Dreamer


ONE OK ROCK – C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h.

ONE OK ROCK: Bedroom Warfare

ONE OK ROCK Feat. 5 Seconds Of Summer:  Take What You Want

In 2014, the group became especially active overseas and collaborated with American rock band, Sleep with Sirens, on their 7th (latest) album, ‘35xxxv‘. The band has found fame worldwide, and even released songs in English too. Western artists such as, Linkin Park, Muse, Sting, and Avril Lavgine have inspired ONE OK ROCK and their music style. The group has also collaborated with Avril Lavigne on the song named, ‘Listen‘ on their latest album. Be sure to check out their latest album!


Have you heard their music before? What’s your favourite? If you’re into rock and punk style music, then I highly recommend ONE OK ROCK! Let us know what you think of the band in the comments section below!

~ Sid


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