‘A Day Before Us’ – Korean Animation

A Day Before Us‘, is an animated Korean Drama. Even though, it may seem to appear to be an Anime because of the drawing style, it is not. This animation could be labelled as a Webtoon series.

I came across the series on YouTube, and instantly fell in love with the artwork, and the lovely pastel colours! The colours are simple yet eye-catching, and fit the animation’s concept perfectly, as the episodes show day-to-day life of the four main characters. Each episode is under 5 minutes long. The first video uploaded on January 10, 2018,  was the teaser. The first episode of Season 1 was uploaded the following day, January 11, 2018. All the videos have both Japanese and English subtitles, which makes it convenient for those who don’t understand Korean.

Even though this is labelled as a romance drama, the romance is subtle but sweet; and you get to see two different relationships. With each episode, you slowly learn more about the four main characters as individuals, and their relationships. The flow is simple and realistic, which is one of the reason I’ve enjoyed watching the animation so much!

Season 2 is out also, and the latest episode was uploaded May 25, 2018. You can keep up to date through the official Facebook page of,  ‘A Day Before Us‘.

Let us know your thoughts and opinions of, ‘A Day Before Us’ in the comments!

~ Sid

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