‘Color Me Bad’: An MV of Desire

Alan Z is back with a brand new video! ‘Color Me Bad’ is the third song on Alan’s debut EP First Time’s the Charm and I was super excited to see this video drop.  While on the surface this song may seem like just a song about sex, but if you really look at the song in depth, there’s something mildly romantic about a guy knowing from first glance that a girl is the one for him.

The music video really plays into the song lyrically.  It’s a journey through the developing relationship between Alan and his girl starting with the incredibly awkward Elevator Meet.  You all know what I’m talking about, right? Locking eyes with someone in an elevator then immediately glancing away….trying to sneak covert glances when you think they’re not looking……never knowing that they’re doing the same to you.  Alan’s video captured this masterfully and really works to show viewers how things can develop from that situation.

Then again, I was absolutely distracted by Alan’s jacket in the first elevator scene.  Not gonna lie, I’m a sucker for military style dress so he gets bonus points from me!  Can we also talk about the ladies?? Alan always has such beautiful women working with him and ‘Color Me Bad’ definitely proved it.  Shout out to Keianna Nicole, Jayde the Model, Lexie Williams, Rudi Aimee, and Katie Cervantes for doing an amazing job in this video!

Check out Alan’s ‘Color Me Bad’ directed by Alan and K.D. Gray below and let us know what you think! What captivated you the most during this video?

~ Jordan

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