A.C.E is coming back with ‘Adventures in Wonderland’!

A.C.E has released the teaser of their upcoming music video, ‘TAKE ME HIGHER‘. The boys will be having their much anticipated comeback on 7 June, 2018, 6PM (KST)! Their last official comeback was on 18 October, 2017, with the song, ‘Callin’‘.

Each member has had an individual teaser released, leading up to this main music video teaser. We can already tell that the song will be fun and playful because of the vibrant colours and upbeat sound. As well as the energetic music video teasers, fans can see some wonderful and colourful teaser photos. The song in the teaser has a different vibe, in comparison to their previous work, but nonetheless, it sounds great and we are eager to see what the boys have in store for us!


However, there have been some changes for the comeback. As many fans know, the Maknae, Chan, won’t be joining his band members for this comeback, as he is currently promoting for the group, UNB – which was created through the survival program called, ‘The Unit‘. And another change is that Jason will now go by his actual name, Kim Byeongkwan throughout the promotions.

We look forward to seeing the boys in their new music video, and cannot wait to hear the new repackage album, ‘Adventures in Wonderland‘!


You can keep up to date with the boys and their activities on their official social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.


Are you excited to see A.C.E’s comeback? What do you think of the teasers? What are you expecting? Let us know in the comments!

~ Sid

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