What You Need to Know About MADKID

MADKID is one of my all-time favorite Japanese groups! They have such a unique sound and their visuals are sheer perfection.  I love watching the members interact, not to mention how sharp and synchronized their choreos are.  Here’s everything you need to know about MADKID!

Debuting as J-Boys-5 on May 18, 2014, the group first consisted of KENTO, KAZUKI, RIKITO, LIN, and YUKI.  Later that year on July 20th, they changed their name to MADKID and a legend was now in the works! The group went through a series of lineup changes over the next few years before settling into their current group.

  • First, leader KENTO left in September, 2014.  He would then go on to join IVVY as KENTO.i in October of 2016.  YOU-TA joined MADKID shortly after  and became the new leader and main vocalist.
  • RIKITO left the group in May of 2015 in order to focus on his college exams.  Casey, close friend and former Johnny’s Jr member, was asked to join the group.  However, it wasn’t meant to be as he left MADKID just a half year later to live with his family in Florida and attend school.
  • SHIN was asked to join in February of 2017.  With his joining, MADKID finally had a complete lineup!


Throughout all this shuffling, MADKID released their first album on December 14, 2016 entitled MADKID.  This album featured eleven brilliant songs, including ‘Light Up’ which is one of my favorite songs from their older works. April 29th of 2017, MADKID sold out their first show at Daikanyama UNIT then on May 10, 2017 they released hip-hop/rap track PARTY UP/ Faded Away.  Four months later they sold out again and surprised fans with news of their upcoming official debut with Nippon Columbia! On January 31, 2018, MADKID officially debuted with single ‘Never Going Back

Just three days ago, the boys collaborated with LITTLE from KICK THE CAN for ‘Forever Young’! The video features bright clothing, vintage electronics, and varied camera angles to give viewers a real retro feel.  Check it out below!

Ready to get to know the members??

YOU-TAFirst up is YOU-TA.  Born on June 15, 1993, he’s the oldest of the group and takes the position of leader and main vocalist.  He played baseball until high school and helped bring his team to third in the country.  YOU-TA went to karaoke with some friends in high school where he discovered his passion and talent for music when one of his friends cried during his song.  After that he immediately retired from baseball and started doing live performances in Shibuya mainly.  In August 2014 UNIVERSAL sponsored an audition where YOU-TA won the Jury Special Award.  YOU-TA is known for his sweet singing voice and his incredible range.



Next we have SHIN, the last member to join MADKID.  He was born on October 2, 1993 and is Blood Type A.  SHIN is one of the vocalists of MADKID; he first became interested in dance and music when he was 3 years old.  He was in several different units before he finally found his home with MADKID.  SHIN is most known for his sharp dancing, androgynous features and high, clear tone.





Third is LIN, one of MADKID’s two bilingual rappers.  His Blood Type is O and his birthday is on April 12, 1994.  LIN started acting and dancing at the tender age of 9 and he never stopped from there.  His interests turned to music after he fell in love with America’s rap culture.  He was also a high school classmate to KAZUKI.  LIN is also skilled at singing and is the track maker and composer for MADKID.





Speaking of KAZUKI, he’s Blood Type A and was born on July 21, 1994! He’s the third vocalist for MADKID and is best known for being multi-talented.  KAZUKI comes from a very musically inclined family and began playing piano at the age of 4.  He began his career in the entertainment industry at 16 but was mainly involved in acting.  However, when he joined MADKID, he began to seriously consider music and became a full-fledged artist.



MADKID’s youngest member, YUKI, was born on July 27, 1994 and is also Blood Type A.  YUKI is MADKID’s second bilingual rapper and is best known for his serios dancing and love of Michael Jackson.  He started rapping, dancing and singing in junior high; here is also where is love of the King of Pop was founded.  He was also active as a solo artist before joining MADKID.  YUKI is in charge of rap, choreography and lyrics for MADKID and he often works closely with LIN in production of their songs.


Social Media

You can follow MADKID on Twitter (@MADKID_official), Instagram (madkid_official), Facebook (MADKID), and YoouTube (MADKID Official Youtube Channel).  Don’t forget to follow Nippon Columbia on YouTube (ColumbiaMusicJp) to catch all of MADKID’s releases.

Be sure to follow each member on Instagram and Twitter as well!

Twitter: @YOUTA_MDKD
Instagram: youta_madkid

Twitter: @SHIN_MDKD
Instagram: shin_madkid

Twitter: @LIN_MDKD

Instagram: kazuki_tanabe

Twitter: @YUKI_MDKD
Instagram: zeeeeero_yuki_

MADKID utilizes elements of trap and glitch hop to form their unique style.  Their three vocalists have gorgeous harmonies and, if you’re not careful, you just might fall in love with their two rappers too.  As soon as you see these boys, you’re heart belongs to all five of them!  Stay tuned for their 2nd Single ‘Summer Time’ set to release on July 4th!!

~ Jordan

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