Bounty Hunters

What happens when five fugitive hunters work together to catch a terrorist group bd7cf308-ab2c-4313-8f51-5546e13bcf81targeting hotels…well the hunters become the hunted. Yi San (Lee Min Ho) is a expert martial artist even though he is extremely handsome he has a moody personality. Yo (Wallace Chung) is Yi San’s partner he is a master sleuth and can find humor in any situation. These two Interpol rejects take on a bodyguard job, but they soon find themselves caught up in an international conspiracy.

Bounty-Hunters_1462549838-533With their informant dead and bounty hunters chasing them the two are on the run but where do you go when the top bounty hunters are chasing you?  The three bounty hunters are led by the bossy heiress Cat (Tiffany Tang) an anti-terrorist missions, Swan (Karena Ng) a genius tech, hacker, and Babe (Louis Fan) the muscled fighter. After a lot of chasing and misunderstanding the group decides to work together to find the mastermind behind these terrorist attacks. Will they be able to set aside their difference and work together?f808e0ab59d5c341ed5921a623e5f953

This action thriller film is a great movie if you’re looking for comedy, romance and action. It’s a fun film and Lee Min Ho and Wallace Chung have the perfect bromance. If you need a film to watch this weekend be sure to add Bounty Hunters to your list!

~XO, Niki

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