Korean YouTuber’s

Hey guys! Kennie here, and I wanna talk about a few of my favorite Korean YouTuber’s!! Today I will be talking about three of my favorites: Markiplier, TerryTV, and BigMarvel!

Markiplier is a Korean-American gaming You-Tuber that lives in LA. He was born in Hawaii but his Mother is from Korea. He became known for his playthroughs of Amnesia and some of his other horror game playthroughs an his many Charity Live-streams. He is always able to make me laugh when I am feeling down and is a very goofy character all together. My favorite thing to watch is his videos with his mom. Mark and his mom are absolutely adorable together, seeing them instantly brightens my day.

My second You-Tuber is TerryTV. Terry started out his YouTube career with Koreans and Americans react videos. He has since moved on to a vlog and his reaction channel and gives interesting insight to sometimes both sides of the cultures. He can be seen reacting to quite a few kpop related things and my favorite which he had just recently stopped, reading scary stories. He also will speak out on issues he’s seen in the YouTube community and try to help better things.

The last one I will talk about is Big Marvel. He is a Korean You-tuber that I found through his song covers with a rubber chicken. It made me laugh that he can look so serious while making the covers and I started following him since then. He has started doing more types of videos and has done a lot of different things on his YouTube Channel. He likes to be unique and do his own thing, and he likes to make people smile. His English isn’t very good and he is still working on it but that is part of the charm of his YouTube Channel.

Do you guys like any of these YouTuber’s? Let us know in the comment section below!! Links to their YouTube Channels will be put below!




Big Marvel

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