Lawless Lawyer 무법변호사

Lawless Lawyer 무법변호사

Meet Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) he grew up with a loving mother, but when she dies of a tragic51d020c0334f792b479929af61536e95 death he is determined to avenge her. He grows up living a gangster life physically fit and tough he knows how to evade the law thanks to his Uncle. Sang Pil becomes a lawyer and goes after people with absolute power who think the laws does not apply to them. With his skills from his past he uses both his fists and legal loopholes to win his cases.

Sang Pil has a hidden agenda and needs the help of Ha Jea Yi (Seo Ye Ji) a young beautiful lawyer who fights for justice. After hitting a judge over a unjust ruling she ends up working with Sang Pil and together they find out their past are linked together and they both have some unfinished business with two of the most powerful corrupt people in the world.

144e72a03f08f64fad88481974c18b67.jpgThe two lawyers decided to take on a powerful judge, Cha Moon Sook (Lee Hye Young) who holds lots of power and Ahn Oh Joo (Choi Min Soo) a former gangster who is now a CEO of a corporation.  With hidden secrets and threats around them will Sang Pil and Jea Yi be able to right all the wrong these two have caused?

Lawless Lawyer is a crime, mystery, action, romance drama that I highly recommend. It has a amazing story line and the cast is amazing. You have humor and romance. So if you love crime dramas be sure to add Lawless Lawyer to your watch list!

~ XO, Niki

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