Erica is beautiful, smart, and funny. She looks much like any other young Japanese girl, Screenshot (221)with one very distinct difference. Erica is a robot. Erica was made as part of a well funded science project that studies the future of robotics. Mr. Ishiguro, her creator, said he started the project to actually study and “understand humans”. In order to make a life like robot, it’s creator must understand how humans act and think. Erica is eerily human-like, so he’s certainly done his research.
Speaking, the robot says she is “like a person” – and she appears to understand the distinctions between people and machines.Erica continues by stating, “When people talk to me, they address me as a person. I think it is different to the way someone would address their dog or their toaster.” Later, she goes on to say that she’d love to see more of the world and wants to be able to move her arms and legs.
Screenshot (220).pngDr. Dylan Glas, one of Erica’s “architects” is focusing on having a robot which can think, act and function independently. Erica has even learned how to tell jokes… although they’re not exactly side-splitters.
“Why did the robot go back to robot school?” she asked. “Because her skills were getting rusty. Ha ha. Perhaps that’s enough jokes for now.”
Erica certainly isn’t the only human like robot in the AI, artificial intelligence, world. There are many others, but Japan is certainly lucky to have this cutie!

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