Where to buy K-POP Albums

As a K-POP fan, I do indulge in buying albums and merchandise! There’s a couple of sites that I use to get what I was at reasonable prices.

  1. Kpop Mart
  2. EBay
  3. Amazon

The ones that I use the most are Kpop Mart & EBay. I usually go straight to Kpop Mart first when I want to buy K-POP albums. However, I do search on EBay too, as you can sometimes find cheaper deals. For K-POP merchandise though, I just stick to EBay & Amazon.

What I like about Kpop Mart is that you can pick whether or not you would like the poster with the album. You can also change the currency to your country, so that makes it so much easier to understand the prices, rather than having to convert the prices of the albums to your currency. Kpop Mart is also very helpful, in my experience. There was one time when they ran out of a CNBLUE album and poster that I had ordered. Therefore, they sent me a message to apologise for any inconvenience, and they gave me a full refund!

Another bonus of Kpop Mart is that not only can you buy K-POP albums from them, but you can get all sorts of merchandise; from light-sticks, to concert DVDs, and, K-dramas to movies. They even have K-beauty, K-fashion, and K-accessory sections! Plus, if you’re into J-POP, then you’re in luck, because you can buy Japanese albums too. Even though there’s not as much J-POP as there is K-POP on the site, it’s still pretty neat for J-POP fans!

Overall, I think Kpop Mart is reliable, affordable, and easy to use.

EBay and Amazon are also good for finding deals on albums and merchandise. Although, I tend to use EBay more than Amazon, because I just happen to find more items on there. I prefer to  buy the albums and merchandise brand new, so obviously it will cost a bit more than the ‘used’ items. But that is just a personal preference. Amazon has its plus point for those of you who are Amazon Prime members (like me!). With Amazon Prime you can get next day deliveries on your albums and merchandise – if that is an option from the seller. But, that doesn’t mean Ebay isn’t good. Both sites let you know your estimated shipping and delivery dates, so you can get an idea of when you’ll get your goodies!

Where do you buy your albums and/or merchandise from? Do share with us in the comments!

~ Sid

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