Summer Vibes!

It’s summer and during this lovely month, we all have certain songs that we listen to the most! As a K-POP fan, I do indeed have a summer playlist, heh. There’s a few songs that I love which give me the summer vibes!

SISTAR – ‘I Swear’

Unfortunately, SISTAR disbanded in 2017. But during their amazing career of 7 years, they gave us some upbeat summer tracks! One of my personal favourites of theirs is, ‘I Swear‘.

Eric Nam Ft Woodie Gochild – ‘Potion’

I LOVED Eric Nam‘s recent comeback. I enjoyed listening to the whole album. Although, my favourite tracks are: ‘Potion‘, and ‘Honestly‘. The sound and visuals feel exotic and vibrant!

KARD – ‘Hola Hola’

KARD is another group that has given us some catchy summer beats! Their music video ‘Hola Hola‘ is so colourful and the members look like they’re having so much fun – matching the vibe of the song.

Wonder Girls – ‘Why So Lonely’

Wonder Girls is another legendary girl group who disbanded unfortunately. The group was together for 10 years, before calling it quits in 2017. Their song ‘Why So Lonely‘, is my all time favourite song of theirs and its very summery – giving a Reggae feel.

DAY6 – ‘I’m Serious’

I’m a big fan of DAY6. So when they released ‘I’m Serious‘, it was on constant replay! The video shows the boys having fun and being silly with one another, enjoying a drive and heading to the beach. The song itself is catchy and gives you a feel-good sensation, that just makes you smile.

Do you like these songs? What are your favourite songs to listen to during summer? Do share with us in the comments section!

~ Sid



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