Akatsuki No Yona (Manga)

Hi guys it’s time for another manga review. Do you like historical works? What about fantasy? And how about Dragons? Well if you said yes Akatsuki no Yona is for you.

Akatsuki no Yona is about Yona, who is the sole princess of the kingdom. She starts out as a spoiled princess who lives her life in luxury, when this all changes when she sees her cousin Soo-wan murder her father, King Il. After her and her body guard Son Hawk have escaped the palace they learn, and that the dragons of legend still live and go on a quest to find them to help them protect the kingdom.

I love the way the writer slowly has Yona learn about her kingdoms problems and how her group fixes them. Another thing I really love is how Yona develops over time, going from useless to becoming strong and showing a desire to change things and support her beliefs.

Have you read Akatsuki No Yona? If you have let us know what you think of it in the comments below!


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