Oh My General

Oh My General tells a story of a highly skilled female warrior who accomplished the unthinkable during the Song Dynasty. Ye Zhao (Sandra Ma) is the General of the biggest eVVI5Ymarmy in Song, having a tragedy befall her family she dresses like a man to take her father’s place in the military. Ye Zhao is fierce and is anything like a female having gained the title Living God of Hell.

After achieving numerous wins on the battlefield the Empress begins to worry that Ye Zhao has too much power and marries her off to the beautiful but lazy Prince of Nanping Zhao Yu Jin (Peter Sheng). Yu Jin is known for his incredible handsome looks however Oh My General 61the prince is lazy having been pampered his whole life due to his weak health. When he finds out he has to marry the Living God of Hell he is anything but pleased.

As Ye Zhao and Yu Jin begin their life together going through lots of hurdles as a newly married couple. With dangers lurking around every corner and plots to destroy the kingdom and Ye Zhao the two work together to uncover the corrupt officials who are 22427420_541156106218005_2416631368491466752_ntrying to ruin the kingdom. They soon began to fall in love with each becoming one of the kingdoms best power couples. With another war lurking around the corner who will end up with power and who will fall?

Oh My General is a historical Chinese romance drama that has an amazing gender blender story-line.  Ye Zhao who is more manly then woman and Yu Jin who is more woman then man. If you love thick plots and twist and betrayal this drama needs to be added to your watch list. It has romance, humor and action so it’s a perfect drama for this hot summer nights.

~XO, Niki

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