The Fate of Swordsman

The Fate of Swordsman is set during the Shenlong Era of the Tang Dynasty. Xie Yun Liu 21764807_1457529217664814_5558020840976074090_n(Chen Si Yu) is a material arts master and is commanded by his master to escort Prince Li Chong Mao (Huang Tian Qi) back to the Capital City. On their journey to the Capital, they witness the Crown Prince Li Chong Jun (Sheng Zi Ming) and Princess Li Hua Wan (Ma Chun Rui) being attacked.

Yun Liu comes to the rescue and defeats the assassins after the Crown Prince gaining the Prince and Princess favor. Being the hero that saved them he is invited back to their mansion to celebrate the Crown Prince’s birthday only for another assassination attempt to happen. Will Yun Liu be able to protect all the royal family? Not to mention he caught the 1485085341553attention of the Ming Sect leader Lu Wei Lou (Li Xiang Zhe) who wants to battle Yun Liu.

This movie had a great storyline, however, the movie just ends giving no real explanation on why the youngest prince was being targeted. So if you are into cool characters, major cliffhangers and great fight scenes then check this movie out.

~XO, Niki

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