The Miracle 더 미라클

The Miracle 더 미라클

How can two twin sisters be the complete opposite of each other?

Kwon Si Ah (Nahyun of SONAMOO) is a member of the popular girl group Miracle Girlsmaxresdefault who is known for her gorgeous beauty. Working as a model at a young age she even acted and is now an idol.

Her fraternal twin sister Si Yeon, (Hong Yoon Hwa) is the complete opposite she keeps to herself and perfects to stay home. Having always been ridiculed and bullied for her large frame. However Si Yeon finds joy in producing her broadcasting blog. One night Si Yeon ventures out and rescues a mysterious tarot card reader.

Screenshot (230)The Tarot Master tells Si Yeon she will grant her wish and soon her life is turned upside down as she wakes only to find herself in her twins body. As the twins try to figure out how to live each others lives and get back to the way they were they soon realize the troubles the other ones goes through.

The Miracle is a short romance fantasy drama so if you are in need of a quick show to watch then be sure to add The Miracle to your list. It’s fun and witty and shows that the grass isn’t always green on the other side.

~XO, Niki

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