Labyrinth of Fear

Take an extra pair of underwear, wear an amulet, and never go in alone! These three tips may be just what you need to walk through Japan’s scariest haunted house from start to finish. The actual distance is about half a mile, or 900 meters.0805Asenritumeikyu-12

This place is said to be so scary that most people don’t finish the whole walking tour. Hence, the three tips I mentioned. Let’s discuss them. The first is the amulet, known as an omamori, or a Japanese lucky charm or amulet. For this place, the omamori that the Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear sells, has a glow in the dark function that glows once you’re inside the haunted house. This glow will signal the “ghosts“that you bought the amulet outside and they will scare you less. The ghosts are actors, real humans, that touch, grab and chase 0.jpgyou. No robots here! The amulet is expensive and does not guarantee you won’t be scared by the actors, just scared LESS. As far as the underwear, accidents happen when we get scared. They happen so often at this place that most stores near it sell underwear! The final tip about never going alone is just common sense.

Once inside you may be so scared that……we’ll just take a look at the video below. I already had to use one of my three tips after watching the video. I am sure you can guess which one😳!


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