Many of you reading the title probably either stopped short in absolute confusion or descended into a burst of giggles.  If you’re part of the latter group, I applaud you for your immaturity as you had the same reaction as me!  No this isn’t some weird joke or a click-bait article, DickPunks is and actual Korean rock band!

The group was formed in 2006 by Kim Hyunwoo.  He decided one day that he wanted to make a band so he invited three of his friends and thus DickPunks was formed! The band consists of vocalist Kim Taehyun, bassist Kim Jaehyung, keyboardist Kim Hyunwoo, and drummer Park Garam.  You’ll notice the complete lack of guitarist in the lineup; this was done purposely because Kim Hyunwoo liked the idea of a piano-driven band instead of the traditional four man line.  They performed in Hongdae a lot until their official debut in 2010.

Dickpunks Group

In 2012, the group participated in Superstar K4 to expand their fanbase.  They stunned viewers with their remix of “Ulleungdo Twist” and quickly rose up the ranks in popularity only to ultimately lose to season winner Roy Kim.  This appearance would serve as a springboard for DickPunks as they signed with TNC Company a year later.

2013 would prove a busy year for the group;  they released their first album with their new label, ‘Viva Primavera’ in April, quirky single “Sunglass” in July, and ballad album ‘Hello Goodbye’ in November.  They also sang “This is the Person” for the drama Two Weeks.  Their most recent album was released on December 17, 2015 and is called ’29.’ It features “Show Me” which is one of my favorite songs by them.  “Viva Youth” from their album ‘Viva Primavera’ is my other favorite song; the video shows miniatures of the group performing under blue plastic cups!

Let’s Meet the Members!

Kim TaehyunFirst is Kim Taehyun!  His real name is Kim Taehyung and he was born on March 11, 1987.  He’s the vocalist of the group as well as the oldest and he participated in King of Masked Singer as Top Boy (though he only lost by 13 votes).  He has released several solo songs including “Pride” and “You That I Still.”  Kim Taehyun also sang “Tears Fall” for Angel Eyes and “My Heart is That Way” for Beloved Eun-dong.


Kim Jaehyung




Next is Kim Jaehyung.  He was born September 14, 1987 and is the second oldest of the group.  He is the bassist for DickPunks.




Kim HyunwooThe third member is Kim Hyunwoo.  His birthday is November 6, 1987 and he is the creator of the group.  Kim Hyunwoo is the keyboardist and he also taught Baekhyun from EXO how to play piano. He has also released a solo song called “Love Blows.”  Kim Hyunwoo is also a former member of OK PUNK!


Park Garam


Last is Park Garam.  He’s the maknae and his birthday is January 25, 1988.  He’s the drummer for DickPunks and has released singles “I Can’t Stop” and “Now I.”



Social Media

You can follow DickPunks on Facebook (dickpunksband), Twitter (@Band_DICKPUNKS), and Instagram (band_dickpunks). Make sure to follow TNC Company’s YouTube channel (TNCCOMPANY) for all the updates on DickPunks as well!  Follow each artist here:

Kim Taehyun:
Twitter: @Cococotg
Instagram: cococoxz

Kim Jaehyung:
Twitter: @Bassheung
Instagram: bassheung

Kim Hyunwoo:
Twitter: @BBuSingking
Instagram: gusdn333

Park Garam:
Twitter: @parkkaram
Instagram: parkparkparkga

So where are they now?  Kim Taehyun enlisted in the military in October of 2016 but all the others have been fairly quiet.  There’s been no official disbandment so I’m hoping they’ll make a comeback after all four of them have finished their military service.  Until then, enjoy their songs and have a listen to my previously mentioned favorite song “Viva Youth”

~ Jordan

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