Random Post

Hey guys it’s Annabelle!

How are you guys? I hope you’re all doing well. It’s been awhile since I’ve done just a random post. But here it goes.

It is 3:48am and well I’m wide awake and right now I’m writing down a few ideas of what else should we do on the blog. My insomnia has been bad these past few weeks and that due to me doin a lot of work, and planning the next few tours, and getting ready to work on a few tours too. But enough about that. I wanna take the time to say thank you to all of the amazing supporters and readers from around the world! Thank you so much for checking out our blog . It truly means a lot to us. You see i started blogging not that long ago under a different name (Kpop Tours And More) and while i was busy blogging, life got a little crazy. I had to be touring and busy running a few tours, life, work and school. But with life being crazy i decided to make a team. It was bit hard at first, because we had a lot of people walking in and out, but now we have a set team of 8 amazingly, talented and beautiful young women that run this blog with me. We all have very different writing styles, as you can all probably tell by now. Lol.

I honestly wouldn’t know what to do without these girls. And I’m truly honored to have them on this team. It hasn’t been easy. And we will continue to work hard to bring you the best in Asian culture and entertainment. We hope that you continue to be with us on this crazy journey. We legit can’t wait to show you guys our next projects, tours, interviews and so much more. Just be a little more patient 😊 Trust me, you won’t regret it.

xoxo Annabelle

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